Eating Disorder Program

The Geelong Clinic EDP Program

The Geelong Clinic offers a specialised inpatient Eating Disorders Program (EDP) and runs two 40-day inpatient programs:

  • Learn to Eat at Peace (LEAP)
  • Proactive Recovery Enhancement Program (PREP)

Programs have been developed by health professionals in collaboration with consumers and are based on a philosophy centred on:

  • Trust (i.e., establishing a trusting partnership with your treating team)
  • Dignity (i.e., providing a humanistic approach that retains dignity and respect)
  • Individualised treatment (i.e., recognising that recovery from an eating disorder takes time and the path is different for everyone)

LEAP is an 8-bed, 40 day inpatient unit.

LEAP aims to support patients begin the process of recovery from an eating disorder and learn new skills to replace eating disorder behaviours.

Often, but not always, patients admitted to LEAP will need support in weight restoration.

In LEAP, all meals and snacks are prepared by the hospital and patients are supported during their meals. Patients are expected to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.

Both group and individual therapy is provided to the patients in LEAP.

For LEAP, the program's emblem is a turtle helping to remind patients during their recovery process that's not the size of the step that counts, it is the direction.

Proactive Recovery Enhancement Program (PREP)

PREP is a five-bed, 40 day inpatient unit.

PREP aims to support those who have already begun their journey of recovery and to help consolidate skills in replacing eating disorder behaviours with a greater sense of autonomy and self-directedness. PREP also focuses on supporting patients learn new life skills to help move toward living a more fulfilled life.

PREP is for those who are ready to take on more responsibility as they move towards recovery.

This will include assistance in challenging themselves with tasks designed to expand their ability to budget, shop, prepare, cook and eat food.

Treatment will be tailored to the individual and their particular vulnerabilities and strengths with an emphasis on the whole person and their unique history.

In PREP, some meals and snacks are prepared by the hospital and others are prepared by the patient as part of their therapy. Patients are expected to eat three meals and three snacks per day.

Both group and individual therapy will be provided to the patients in PREP.

Building blocks are the symbol for our program, representing the process of recovery as a creative work in progress assembled piece by piece, taking shape over time.

Please click HERE to view the Eating Disorders Program (EDP) brochure.

Access to The Geelong Clinic EDP Program

A referral letter is required from a GP or a treating psychiatrist. A physical assessment is also required by the GP to determine current physical health prior to an admission. When contact is made with The Geelong Clinic, this EDP information pack will be sent together with a form for the GP to complete when undertaking the physical assessment (includes pathology tests and an ECG).

When the referral letter and the physical assessment are completed, an assessment appointment will be scheduled. This is an opportunity for the team to begin to find out about the history of the eating disorder and your current symptoms. It is also an opportunity to set goals in joining the program and to raise any questions or concerns.

The assessment appointment takes approximately 1 ½ hours. Patients are not admitted on the day of assessment and are contacted at a later point to discuss the outcome.

The Geelong Clinic is a private psychiatric hospital and for this reason health insurance is recommended. Please contact your private health provider for details surrounding any out of pocket cost of the program.

For telephone inquiries, please call us on (03) 5240 0700. For email enquiries, please email us at

To refer your patient to our Eating Disorders Program, please complete our referral form here and fax to 03 5248 4852.

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