About Day Programs

Day Programs at The Geelong Clinic provide an opportunity for participants to receive help for a broad range of emotional or mental health conditions. Weekly group sessions incorporate the latest evidence-based educational and therapeutic practices, in a welcoming and supportive environment. 

Our primary focus is helping you to take the first step, and then supporting you to develop the strategies you need to achieve your goals. Our broad range of evidence-based psycho-educational and therapeutic groups exist to help you learn and grow in your recovery. Why do we say grow? Because this journey of recovery is also a journey of your own self-growth, helping you open up more doorways to a richer life, with more life-enhancing opportunities.

Group sessions form the foundation for all psychotherapy in Day Programs. Group therapy allows you to take part in sessions aimed at building upon your strengths and capabilities, while you connect with and supporting other group participants. The group process is a dynamic one and the safety of the group environment enables you to practice these skills so that you can apply them later in your own context and relationships. Group sessions therefore provide a powerful catalyst for your recovery and self-growth, all paving the way for positive change.

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