Treatment for gambling, gaming, sex and other addictions

Expert, compassionate care for your recovery journey

Have you been living with an addiction to gambling, gaming, exercise, sex, social media or something else, and haven’t been able to stop on your own? Expert help is available at The Geelong Clinic in St Albans Park.

We provide two programs to support your recovery. Most people start with an inpatient stay at our Geelong rehabilitation centre, where you’ll receive evidence-based treatment to help you get back on track. This is usually followed by a day program to help maintain your recovery long-term.
As a private mental health and addiction recovery facility, you’ll receive care from the same psychiatrist throughout your journey with us.

People with a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition and a gambling, gaming, sex or other addiction are welcome to join our programs.
If you don’t have private health insurance, talk to us about options such as self-funding your addiction recovery program.

We’re a private, regulated mental health and rehab facility, accredited under The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Your path to recovery from gambling, sex, gaming and other addictions

Addictive Behaviours program
No prerequisites

Start anytime

Beds generally available for eligible patients
GP referral needed

The Geelong Clinic psychiatrist referral needed

Adults 18+
28 days
Individual and group therapy
Cost of stay is generally covered by private health insurance, Workcover, DVA or TAC

Self-funding is also an option

Relapse and Maintenance Support (RAMS) day program
Must complete Addictive Behaviours program or be referred directly to this program by your psychiatrist

Start anytime

Spots generally available
GP referral needed

The Geelong Clinic psychiatrist referral needed

Adults 18+
Weekly Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm
Group therapy
We’ll conduct a private health insurance check

Self-funding may be an option for eligible people

1.png Addictive Behaviours inpatient program

Treatment for gambling, gaming, sex and other addictions starts here
Our Addictive Behaviours inpatient program is your first step towards recovery. It’s suited for people living with:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Addiction to computer, video or other games
  • Sex addiction
  • Social media addiction
  • Addiction to exercise
  • Other addictive behaviours.

We also have programs for people living with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or other substances.

Our programs run on an ongoing basis and you can join at any time. Before being admitted, you’ll be booked in for an initial assessment at The Geelong Clinic.

Alcohol and drug rehab program aims
The Addictive Behaviours program at the Geelong Clinic assists you to:

  • Develop action plans that promote your wellbeing and reduce the impact of addiction
  • Develop coping strategies and enhance personal control
  • Increase awareness and management of your thoughts and feelings
  • Improve your capacity to manage issues of addiction
  • Clarify your personal values.

Your addiction recovery team
An expert medical team – all with extensive experience treating addictive behaviours and mental health conditions – lead this program. Your team includes:

  • Accredited psychiatrists
  • Nurses
  • Allied health professionals
  • People with lived experience of an addiction.

Expert treatment to support your addiction recovery
During your stay at The Geelong Clinic, you’ll receive individual and group-based therapy. The program aims to help you better understand yourself, addiction and mental health, within a comfortable and supportive environment.

Our evidence-based program will help you gain insight into why you developed an addiction by focusing on the underlying behavioural and psychological factors.

You’ll learn about the stages of change, what motivates you to change, and learn to take responsibility for your recovery.

You’ll develop skills in regulating your emotions, tolerating distress, interpersonal communication, preventing relapse and managing urges and cravings.

2.pngRelapse and Maintenance Support (RAMS) day program (weekly)

To increase the likelihood of your long-term recovery, you may be referred to our Relapse and Maintenance Support (RAMS) day program at the end of the Addictive Behaviours inpatient program.

You can start this outpatient program at any time.

You’ll attend The Geelong Clinic each Wednesday from 9.30am-12.30pm on an ongoing basis.

Support and skills to help keep you on track
This program provides vital support and treatment for people in recovery from addiction. It’s designed to build your skills and teach you alternative ways to effectively manage emotions, relationships and crises – all in a supportive, encouraging group environment.

We tailor the program to your and your group’s needs and you’ll receive helpful information and resources. In addition to people recovering from alcohol and substance use disorder, this program also supports people recovering from alcohol, drug and substance use disorders.

Relapse and Maintenance Support program aims
Attending The Geelong Clinic’s outpatient drug and alcohol recovery support program assists you to:

  • Address patterns of addictive behaviour
  • Build capacity to manage addictive behaviours.
  • Develop helpful thoughts and beliefs that enhance your quality of life
  • Increase your self-esteem, confidence and self-efficacy
  • Increase awareness and management of your thoughts and feelings
  • Develop specific coping strategies
  • Explore personal concerns related to alcohol or drug issues in a confidential, supportive group setting.

The Geelong Clinic psychiatrists

Ellipse 25.png Dr Ranjini Rao


Ellipse 26.png Dr Sharada Devarakonda


Accommodation at our Geelong rehabilitation centre

For the inpatient programs, you’ll stay with us and receive 24-hour support in a refurbished facility with a comfortable, home-like feel.
The Geelong Clinic facilities include:

  • Private rooms with air conditioning, ensuite, TV, telephone and a nurse call button
  • Shared courtyard for you to use and an outdoor visitor area
  • Interpreters and chaplaincy services are available on request
  • Laundry facilities
  • Visitor and disabled parking.

Getting a referral – eligibility

To be admitted to one of our inpatient or outpatient programs you’ll need to see a GP first to:

  • Get a referral to the admitting psychiatrist at The Geelong Clinic; and
  • Complete a physical assessment; and
  • Complete blood tests.

GPs can address their referral generally to ‘Dear Doctor’ or directly by name to one of our accredited psychiatrists. Click here for our full specialist directory and referral guide.

GPs can submit referrals via fax attention Intake on 03 5240 0799.

Being admitted
Once we receive the above we’ll book you in for an assessment consultation with our one of our team members. Then if you’re assessment is appropriate for the program we’ll admit you as soon as possible. We generally offer minimal wait times for admission.


We understand that costs for admission to a private mental health facility and related charges can
be complex, so please call us with any questions you have – we’re more than happy to help.


Private health insurance
Depending on your level of cover we can estimate hospital charges, outline how much cover your fund offers, and inform you about any out-of-pocket costs you may need to pay. We’ll need to do a private health fund check before you can be admitted or start the program.

We’re recognised by all major private health funds that reimburse treatment costs.


No private health insurance

If you don’t have private health insurance, you can call our Front Office Manager to discuss self-funding your stay. Please call before admission for an estimate of the cost of your stay. You’ll need to pay for your stay in full upon admission.


Workcover, MAB, TAC or DVA

If you’re admitted under Workcover, MAB, TAC or DVA you’ll need prior approval. Please call us first to discuss. We’re a Tier 1 Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) contracted hospital which means all DVA patients with a Gold Card are fully covered for shared accommodation.


Yes. We’re a private, regulated mental health facility, accredited under The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Yes. You’ll be under the care of the same accredited psychiatrist during the program.

Yes, we generally have available beds and our psychiatrists have capacity to accept new admissions. If the patient is accepted for admission they are usually admitted within a week.

No. We are only a voluntary hospital and patients need to be at a certain risk level appropriate for The Geelong Clinic. If a patient’s condition deteriorates during their admission with us and are sectioned under the Mental Health Act (involuntary), we will transfer them to the nearest public psychiatric unit, at Barwon Health Swanston Centre.

Yes. We welcome people with a mental health condition and an addiction. The patient’s diagnoses’ will be reviewed and treated by the admitting psychiatrist during their stay and referred accordingly after admission.

If you don’t have private health insurance call our Front Office Manager to discuss this as one option is to self-fund your stay. Please call before admission for an estimate for the cost of your stay. You’ll need to pay for your stay in full upon admission.

Yes you can bring your phone, device or laptop but you are soley responsible for it. If you have an addiction relating to your phone/device there may be times when you can’t access it but you’ll be guided by your treating psychiatrist.

Yes. We’ll check your bags in the presence of two nursing staff. But before you arrive, we’ll provide a detailed list of what is, and what isn’t allowed.

Yes, you can access to a designated smoking area for cigarettes but Vape devices are not allowed.

Yes you can leave but will first need approval from your treating psychiatrist.

Yes you can have visitors and we ask that they follow any restrictions that may be in place due to COVID-19.

Yes. We’ll complete hourly visual checks throughout the day and night.

Yes we encourage you to bring your own pens/highlighters.

Yes. You can use the onsite washing machines, detergent and dryers.

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